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She Physio Pilates offers expert pilates and physiotherapy. Treatments includes physical techniques, education, and advice that will help you in your daily life and exercise. Based on a detailed assessment of your condition, Physiotherapy and Pilates classes are available online during social distancing. Individual appointments are also available and physio home visits are possible under specific circumstances. 

SHE online classes and appointments
Online Classes & Appointments
SHE online classes and appointments
ABOUT Annette

Annette chooses to work in the area of women’s and pelvic health. Annette graduated as a physio from Lincoln Institiute, La Trobe University in 1994.  SHE worked in public hospitals and private physiotherapy clinics in general physiotherapy roles  and later in continence and pelvic health roles.  SHE worked in general physiotherapy before competing post-graduate studies in continence and pelvic rehabilitation.

Annette practised pilates from 2008 and studied pilates through Polestar Pilates in 2012. SHE has worked in the area of continence and pelvic health since 1995. Her special areas of interest are in management of mastitis, postnatal rehabiitation of abdomen and pelvic problems, pelvic organ prolapse, and dyspareunia – vaginismus, hypertonic pelvic muscles. Annette was a registered nurse for 10 years prior to being a physiotherapist. SHE worked in gynaecology, general medicine and surgery, and in aged care.

Life has been a gentle flow forever pulling me towards women’s health.  I love working with women and watching them succeed with their bodies and lives.

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